Naurang Yatri Niwas (A Heritage Lodge located in Garli) is one example of this marvel. An elaborate brick structure, it was built by Rai Bahadur Mohan Lal, MLC, in honour of his Father, Lala Naurang Mal for the benefit of the public. It also facilitated the visit of the Governor of Punjab, Sir Malcolm Hailey, to attend the wedding of his daughter, Hema in 1928.

Subsequently it became a facilitator of commerce by providing accommodation for travellers and merchants alike who came to Garli to ply their trade. It also spawned the century old “Maidane da mela” which annually brings thousands of visitors to Garli.

During the early half of the 20th century, Garli was a prominent commercial centre, extending its economic & political reach from Shimla to Kabul. Around the mid-1940s it fell into disuse, and was ransacked by the elements for several decades thereafter.

In 2012, the grandson, Atul and his Wife Ira, embarked on a restoration / renovation of the building.

30,000 litres of water, 250 Kgs of washing powder, 75 iron brushes, 18 people and 15 months later, Naurang Yatri Niwas has been restored to her earlier glory, complete with modern amenities to suit the needs of today’s traveller.



At Naurang Yatri Niwas, one will only get home style food. Fresh ingredients sourced locally and cooked by our staff. Each meal on our Menu comprises of local delicacies and typical home-made Indian dishes so that our guests can enjoy good food.

Just outside lies the Rang Cafe, where you can relax and enjoy some fast food. Garli is different because it has managed to hold onto its heritage and retaining its charm.

Feeling hungry? Just let us know an hour or two in advance, even if you are not staying with us.


Located just about 45 kms from Kangra and 75 kms from McLeodGanj, Garli is marvel in every sense. There is hardly any other Indian hamlet with such stunningly diverse styles of architecture on display amongst the mansions, temples and sarais, all of which stand testimony to the majestic existence Garli enjoyed. Garli is a classic example of collaborative town planning, vision & foresight of its founders. Established over a 100 years ago, Garli was ahead of it time with many many facets of a mini township built in, ranging from schools, hospitals, to sanitation, water supply, commerce etc. – All of which are functional even today.

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