When you come to us, we expect you are either coming to relax, or to experience something different. In our case, the activities are leisurely. Pick a book from our mini-library, take a hike through the forest, cycle to one of the nearby villages, learn to live the simple life and indulge in the local culture, go bird-watching or embrace your inner-self with some meditation.

Heritage Photo Walk through Garli

For the history buffs and for those who appreciate architecture, this walk is a must. Stroll through the small lanes of Garli and go back in time. Surrounded by hills on 3 sides, and the Beas on the fourth, Garli has some breath-taking scenery.

Sightseeing around Garli

For the piously inclined a plethora of temples-Chintpurni, Jwalaji, Baglamukhi, Maha Kaleshwar, Baba Balaknath, Baijnath, Kangra Devi and more-all within easy driving distance. Mcleod Ganj / Dharamshala is just a 2 hour drive from Garli.

Leisure Activities

For leisure seekers, walk along the streets of the village, take a boat ride on the Beas river, sit under a mango tree with your favourite beverage and book and enjoy the serenity around you. You may also opt for a special barbecue evening that can be arranged on request.

Handicrafts and Weaving

Discover the art of basket weaving and learn how handicrafts are made from the creative locals of Garli.

Garli Crafts

A women’s empowerment initiative. See how modern garments and home utility items are made using the now revived tradition called “katoyan”. Interact with the ladies, get a custom made clothes, and support the creative ladies of Garli.

Read a book

We have set up a mini library consisting of books on travel, art, photography and more. Take a book and pick your favourite sit-out.

Learn to cook a Local Delicacy

Let our local chef teach you how to prepare a local delicacy. Our chef will take you through the entire process from selecting the spices and vegetables to presentation.

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